How to get thousands of visitors with JAVA Bookmark

May 12th, 2011

Perhaps all of you know what JAVA app, JAVA game or JAVA bookmark is.  JAVA Bookmark is like a simple link to your site – user can “save” this link to his phone as an application and he will be able to visit your site with making one click on this bookmark.

Today we are going to share some useful info, how to get free highly targeted mobile traffic with simple JAVA Bookmark.

First of all, you need to create  JAVA bookmark of  our site. You will need it for several reasons:

1) Suggest for your users to download JAVA bookmark from your site. If they do so,  JAVA bookmark will be installed in users phone.  So user will be able to open your site with one click.  Another good thing -every time when user will be viewing “applications” part in his phone, he will see icon of your JAVA bookmark.  So JAVA bookmark works as reminder to visit your site again and again.

2) Upload JAVA bookmark to mobile apps sites. You will get thousands of downloads and thousands of users. A good example here can be mobile sites builder JAVA bookmark. We have uploaded it to Mobile opera app store (it’s for free!) and got 30 000 downloads (it means and ~30 000 new users) per 1 month! You can check it by yourself here.  But don’t forget – Mobtron is interesting only to small amount of users.  If your  project is related with entertainment, downloads, etc.  -  you will get much more downloads and visitors.

So the most important question is WHERE to get FREE java bookmark of your site.  If you can’t code by yourself, one of the best choises –  With  you will create your JAVA bookmark in 2 minutes without any programming skills. Currently this tool is totally free.

After creation of your bookmark on, upload it to your site and suggest for your users to download it. And the most important – upload this bookmark to popular applications or other content sharing sites, like:





Fill precisely all required fields buy uploading JAVA bookmark – it will make your “app” more attractive to possible users.

That’s all. No additional actions required. Enjoy free traffic!

How to get more free visitors to your mobile site

May 5th, 2011

Hello, dear sites owners.  Mobtron community is growing very fast, 200-300 mobile sites are created with Mobtron every day. Big part of those sites are very interesting and have good content.  And the only thing that they need …yeah, it’s more visitors.  So we decided to dedicate one blog post to share some ideas, how to get free visitors.

1 Step: make sure, that your site has interesting content. Update it constantly, because if your site be boring, nobody will stay in it for more than 1 day.

2 Step: Advertising exchange with other wap sites.  Try to find out partners with the same or bigger traffic and exchange links or banners. They are many ways how to find other wapmasters. For example you can do it in wapmasters forums like Suggested term for ads exchange 1 week.  If results are good, you can prolong partnership. But if you do not get visitors from partner – remove his link and terminate cooperation.

3 Step: Free mobile ads exchange networks. They all work on very simple principle. You need to put ad code to your site and generate credits for every click.  Later you can spend those credits for advertising of your own site. We recommend to use more than one ads exchange network. There are many of them, some are real scam, so we recommend to use only those we’ve checked  by ourselves:,,, And do not forget – clicks exchange rate is not the most important criteria in choosing ads exchange network. Quality of those clicks is the most important factor.  It’s better to get 5 real loyal users, than 10 fake users.

4 Step: Introducing of your site in most popular mobile forums. Rule number 1: don’t spam. Nobody likes spammers. Find out topics,  somehow related with your site and make your posts  there.  For example, if you have music downloads sites, find forum  topics related with music. An post info about possibility to download for free one or another mobile song.

5 Step: Register in toplists and catalogs.  Many of them are “dead”, so please choose only those, who who have mane active registered users. Some good catalogs for you:,,

Hope you will these ideas useful for your sites, created via Mobtron.

In next our blog post we will talk about next 5 Free traffic generating steps.

Mobtron in your native language

March 2nd, 2011

Each day we receive more and more requests from our users to translate Mobtron to their native language.

We are sure, it is more easy to use localized project. That’s why we decided to translate Mobtron to several main languages like Hindi, Tagalog and others.

If you are willing to help us, please, contact us by e-mail Provide us information about your native language.  We will be glad to provide some traffic to your site for your help.

Why Is Blog Useful For Your Mobile Site

February 27th, 2011

Team of mobile sites builder has decided to dedicate a few blog posts to share ideas about promotion ways of your mobile sites. Hope you will find these tips and ideas useful.

So let’s start from blog as a marketing tool. The main question is: do you really need blog for your mobile site? And the answer is yes,  you do.  Reasons you need a blog for your mobile site are simple:
1.  A blog increases traffic. This is a well-known fact. Blogs let you introduce people to your latest information, so  they will visit your website regularly to make sure they haven’t missed anything.
2.  Blogs help people find you more easily. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are particularly fond of blogs, due to the relatively small amount of information they carry, so they appear in site searches a lot quicker. This results in more people to your mobile website.
3.  You can make use of RSS feeds. These are great little tools, since they send out an email alert anytime you make an amendment to your blog.  Again, this will bring in more potential visitors to your site, especially if your RSS feed informs about some special updates or similar.
4.  A more personal touch. Via blog you can show who is behind your mobile site.  Site visitors do like to know such details.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need a blog for your mobile site. There are more, but these are the ones that show just how much a difference a blog can make.

The main problem you can face by starting a blog – selection of blogging platform.  For mobile site it is necessary to have mobile users friendly blog. team made some short analysis of popular tools and we’ve find out one, we would like to recommend you: This blog building tool has some very specific features, especially useful for wapmasters:

# Full blog management features accessible from mobile phones ;

# Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth for free;

# File uploading feature, NO limits imposed on space. So you can share with your users interesting files, videos, etc.;

# A lot of personalization possibilities: many color themes available, capability to edit CSS;

# Ability to easily run own ads, choose from many ad networks. I am sure everybody agree that additional income are always welcome;

# Other features like Follow User, Twitter Updates, and Blogroll etc.;

# Ability to park own domain, even free domains from /

Try out this tool and get back with your comments – let us and other wapmasters know your opinion about this tool. Also, you are welcome to share links to your blogs.

New advertisement system –

May 21st, 2010

vivamob_logoToday we added new mobile advertisement system to Now you can add banners to you mobile site from ad exchange. You can not only earn money from partners but exchange banners (or links) with other mobile sites.

I hope it will help you to promote yours’ mobile sites.
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Mobile website for company

April 14th, 2010

com_smallToday we made new mobile website template. This mobile template is beautiful to use for company or personal home page. Template consists from 4 categories: About us; Services; Solutions; Contacts. So it left only to put info text and your mobile site will be online!!!


Building mobile site

April 13th, 2010

For 5 years I was working in mobile (wap) industry and few times I got messages with questions how to create mobile site.
First of all I will not talk about mobile site programming and coding, I will tell you few thinks what you should know about building wap site.
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New mobile templates!

March 10th, 2010

New mobile templates is waiting for you!
Ligth mobile template
light_small Light site template for your mobile website. By online image editor you can quickly change text which is written on the site mogo. This mobile site template has “About me; My downloads; My gallery; Chat;” links.
At the middle of template you can use guestbook.
In this mobile template is integrated MobPartner AD code, so you can quickly add your AD company.

Small wap template( xHtml; wml;)small_small

Lightweight mobile template without images. It is very good for big mobile portals: download sites, link catalogs, etc. Easily, with CSS editor you can change any color of this mobile site. I recommended to use this template then you are creating big site with a lot of text content.

Create mobile site with any design for free!

Iphone template for mobile site

March 5th, 2010

iPhone_smallNew  mobile design iPhone template for mobile site builder It is free template and you can use for your’s mobile sites. This mobile template is built with xHtml and CSS. In few clicks you will make your own iPhone mobile site. Iphone theme has mobile guest book, music and wallpapers download features. It is very easy to edit this template: add new music files, wallpapers. With mobile site creator you can add new features to this iPhone css template, for e.g. games, iPhone apps. This template can be used for creating mobile blog. Example of this iphone template you can see here:

Dating mobile site template

February 25th, 2010

datingHave you ever wanted to create your own dating mobile site? Now you can create dating mobile website in few minutes. We created dating site design template for system. This template has online wap chat, mobile photos gallery, music catalog elements, etc.